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З пляцоўкі Паўдурапедыя
Перайсці да: рух, знайсці

Haha! Belarus becomes Belgium! I thought "wth is he saying on .info??", but i looked closer and :be: is the language code of Belarus. I should parody that somewhere, thanks for an idea for a new article :P CartoonistHenning 16:57, 10 Люты 2010 (UTC)

Spammy spammy spam[правіць]

I hope one of you admins is around these days because there are a great many spam pages that need deleting. I've been blanking them and replacing them with 'spam' or somesuch but it would be much more helpful to have them deleted. If you're not willing to clean up the mess yourself you could give me admin rights, but that's unadvisable as I don't know or learn Belarusian.

I would also like to replace your user page, which was created by a spambot, with interwikis to your userpages on the other Uncyclopedias. I hope you're okay with that because it would be a real shame if you were stuck with a spam userpage. Llwy-ar-lawr 17:31, 20 Травень 2013 (UTC)