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Hello, I am cy:Defnyddiwr:Llwy-ar-lawr. I have been undoing IP spam and blanking junk pages. Please delete the spam pages. You will see my page blankings at Адмысловае:RecentChanges.

I am afraid that I don't speak or learn the wiki's language. Otherwise I would create an account and request administrator rights. 16:40, 20 Травень 2013 (UTC)

I have an account now. I have contacted Carlb on his talk page about the same problem. Llwy-ar-lawr 18:01, 20 Травень 2013 (UTC)
Yes, I understand the problem and I have also helped here. You see, I am also another version bureaucrat and not speak Belarusian. How have powers bureaucrat here, I'm giving powers as administrator to be able to help here. Rhubella Marie 16:57, 21 Травень 2013 (UTC)

Page protections[правіць]

Thanks for your cleanup work, but I don't understand why you've fully protected some of the deleted pages. The spammers haven't been by in quite some time - who do you think is going to recreate these useless pages? Are you expecting that the spammers will come back and try to recreate spam pages, or...what?

I won't undo your protections; I'd just like to understand why you did it. Llwy-ar-lawr 00:10, 25 Травень 2013 (UTC)

The issue is that on certain pages were created and recreated by vandalism or reissued two times in a row being deleted even leading to creer than a spambot attack but some spammer. The protection is justified to block the creation of a page to any unwanted malicious IP. Rhubella Marie 17:46, 31 Травень 2013 (UTC)

more spammers[правіць]

Apparently our spam filtering wasn't good enough to stop three accounts from creating spam pages in the last two days. I have indef blocked the spammers and deleted what they wrote but I think there ought to be another way to stop this - the other Uncycs haven't had this happen in months. What's going on? Llwy-ar-lawr 23:04, 30 Чэрвень 2013 (UTC)